How to fluff paper pompoms

How to fluff pompoms 

  1. Take one of your Pom pom.
  2. Start with tying clear string to the middle wire piece. Hold it by the wire part in the middle and let each side fan out.
  3. Choose one side. Separate layers, pulling away from middle one at a time.

Start pulling gently--- very gently---on the first piece of tissue paper, so that it fans out from the rest. Pull it out from the bottom, as near to the wire as you can get. (If you rip it a little bit, don’t worry, when pompom is finished, you won’t see it, as you can cover it with other sheets.)

  1. Separate all layers until you've done one entire side and the pompom looks like this:


  1. Do the same with the other side. Your pompom should look like this:
  2. Finish by hanging the pom-poms where you want them.

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