Orange tulle pom pom


Orange tulle pom pom - Decopompoms
  • £7.70

Beautiful , hand made full, perfectly round tulle pompoms in selected size:

Available sizes:

Large: 12"/30cm

Medium size 8"/20cm

Small pompoms 5"/13cm.


Color: Orange

Fabric: soft bridal tulle.

Each pompom is strung with coordinating ribbon for hanging.


If you are looking for immaculate quality tulle pompoms, this is what we are offering!

Pompoms can be used outside or indoor. They are water resistant and cant be spoiled by rain. After the party can be packed away and used once again and again.

Can be used together with paper pompoms or on their own.


PomPoms are shipped all finished just flat packed, it takes just a minute to fluff.


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